About Us:

Candi Cove Designs

How it Began

Candi Cove Designs began with a idea, When I was a girl I dreamt of creating jewelry and selling it. Well a few years later as a adult I got a email to take a entrepreneurship class and I jumped on the opportunity. By the end of the class Candi Cove Designs was created, along with a few listings, sales, and earrings.

To my families surprise a business wasn't the only thing my husbands and I were growing, we found out that same year we were pregnant with identical twins. As a mom of three boys I like to wear earrings that I can move around it, play with my kids, and not worry about them snagging on something.

I am a big fan of:
- Everyday earrings
- Boating
- Swig cookies!

Thank you for stopping by my shop, shopping small, and supporting our family.

A little about me, I am a mom to three boys, two of whom are identical twins. I know your probably wondering, were our twins a surprise?  Yes, most people that have twins are surprised. We were very surprised, after several miscarriages we went a ultrasound and things weren't looking very good.  I went to another ultrasound two weeks later and found out instead of another miscarriage there were two babies instead. My husband and I couldn't believe it! 
As a family we are big fans of swimming, boating, surfing, and having fun in the water. We also are a active family and enjoy hiking, biking, running, and then relax to a few of our favorite shows on Netflix.  My husband supports me and all my business ideas, and my oldest son tells me which earring colors are his favorite and he tells me which ones aren't. 

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