Valentine's Earrings

Valentines Gift Guide Earrings 2023 candi cove designs

Valentine's Earrings

Now lets get to the good part, Valentines Day! Let us help you find a few gifts under $20, we all know we have wonderful teachers, parents, daughters, moms, and any other ladies we need to show our love too. Lets show them some love!

#1 Hand Drawn Heart stud earrings

These are just to cute to pass by, they are bright and sure to get noticed. Grab a bag of red candies to pair and you have a gift to brag about.  Click the photo to find them.

#2 White and Black Hand Drawn Heart Earrings

Can't decide on pink, red, go with white instead, Tap the photo to find them. 

#3 Red Sparkle

These red sparkle earrings are a sure way to add some sparkle to any outfit. 

#4 Garnet Shimmer

A elegant color with a elegant shimmer just for you!