Valentines 2022 Gift Guide

Valentines 2022 Gift Guide

It's 2022!!

Now lets get to the good part, Valentines Day! Let us help you find a few gifts under $20, we all know we have wonderful teachers, parents, daughters, moms, and any other ladies we need to show our love too. Lets show them some love!
heart stud earrings

#1 Heart stud earrings

These are just to cute to pass by, they are bright and sure to get noticed. Grab a bag of red candies to pair and you have a gift to brag about.  Click the photo to find them.
All the Hearts Stud Earrings

#2 All the Hearts Stud Earrings

Can't decide on pink, red, or white, we have them all in these stud earrings. All the heart colors. Tap the photo to find them. 
Red with White Heart stud earrings

#3 Rose Red with White Heart Stud Earrings

If your wanted a simple heart earring these are for you. Be prepared to want to wear them year round. 

Red Kiss Lips Stud Earrings Candi Cove Designs

#4 Red Kissy Lips Stud Earrings

The cutest kissy lips on the block, who says lipstick lips can't be found on your lobes.  

Blush and Rose Gold Stud Earrings

#5 Blush and Rose Gold

These are classy, and gorgeous and I want one for everyday of the week. 

Berry Shimmer Studs

#6 Berry Shimmer 

That shimmer though! 

Lipstick Red Studs

#7 Lipstick Red

The classic red stud earrings that pair well with so many things!  Tap pic above to find these cuties.