Top 5 Gift Ideas for Girls Under $15

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Girls under $15

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Girls under $15

2020 hasn't gone as expected this year, and lets give those resilient daughters, nieces, and friends of ours something to smile about.  Girls these days are loving a variety of things, sports, pink, sparkles, unicorns and we are loving it! Here are a few favorites!

#1) Sparkly Red Bow Stud Earrings

Red Bow Stud Earrings

Bows and scrunchies are making a comeback, so these cute little red bow studs earrings fit right in to match. Find them here 

#2) Pink Sparkly Unicorn Stud Earringspink sparkly unicorn stud earrings

Don't forget about those unicorn lovers out there, they are still sticking around.  Lets give them some pink and sparkly unicorns too. These studs are sure to be their next favorite pair. Find them here 

#3) Green Paw Print Stud EarringsPaw Print cat noir stud earringsAnyone a big fan of being a fan... sports team, tv shows, you got it, make your daughter the coolest kid on campus with these studs.  Find them here 

#4) Ladybug Stud Earringsmiraculous ladybug stud earrings

Ladybugs have been a favorite of girls for a while, throw them on a pair of earrings and its a winning combo.  Seriously your girls will adore these. Find them here 

#5) Grey and White Stud EarringsGrey and white polka dot stud earrings

Classic polka dots are always a fun accessory to add to a outfit, and these little stud earrings are so to add pop to a outfit! Find them here